Thursday, June 15, 2006

New blog contents: The Shangri-La Diet Watcher

After a bit of a hiatus, hello, all!

This blog was initially created back in 2005 to fill a gap when there was no place for Shangi-La Diet "experimenters" to share their experiences and ideas. Nine months on, Seth's forums are up and very active and a Yahoo! group is in the works. This blog can now be turned to new uses.

What seems presently needed is someone "watching" the Shangri-La experience as reflected on Seth's forums (and the Yahoo! group, once it starts) and summarizing overall trends and interesting findings. I'll try using this blog for that for a while. If that starts being done well somewhere else, then I'll re-adapt this blog.

I'm going to keep these community sections open just in case anyone would rather post here than in Seth's forums or the Yahoo! group. The current community section will be kept under my running blog entries summarizing my "diet-watching". If it becomes apparent that this is no longer needed, then I'll move the community space into an archive section.

I'll definitely not be deleting any of the wonderful content everyone has contributed, or stopping this blog (unless Blogger makes me do that for some reason :) ). We are a small but important part of history. Hooray!

See you in this same space, somewhat different content.



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